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Enter the hidden kingdom

Dense vegetation, rich animal life, calmness and peacefulness of unruly space... you need to experience a tropical rainforest for yourself! You’ll be dazzled by the symphony of natural sounds. Lost somewhere in the mystical woods of a tropical national park, you’ll never forget the blissful and awe-inspiring kingdoms of mother nature.

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Raw nature at its best...

Walk underneath the untamed canopies, make your way through lianas and vine thicket, discover some of the most marvelous wildlife that the jungle shelters with care. Have your travel essentials stored in a comfortable backpack... and a stylish one in case you’ll get caught in photos!


Traveling to distant places without a camera is a waste of opportunity. For your SLR camera and the necessary accessories you’ll need a bag made extra for keeping your valuable devices and tools clean and safe.

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Get ready...

Jungle can be a great, but also daunting venture. If you’re really adventurous, you can spend long days in the wilderness while walking great distances under competent guidance. However, it’s good practice to be prepared for the unexpected. Some simple but extremely useful tools can really make you feel at ease while strolling in the wilderness.

Bright colors and exciting graphics can be a bold expression of your love for the wonderful and exotic journey into the woods. That’s why make sure to look your best. Wearing inspiring clothing will remind you of what has always really mattered to you: the pleasant thrills of a tropical adventure in nature!

Make a decision...

Now you may wonder: where should I actually go? There’s plenty of rainforests around the world, and choosing the right spot might appear an overwhelming task. But no worries! We’ve got you covered with a list of amazing locations.

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Take action...

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