"Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up."

Hubi in the desert near Dubai


I’ve always been passionate about pushing my personal boundaries and expressing my interests in traveling and self-development.

After having worked 9-5 for a long time, I grew tired of the daily routine and the never-ending commutes. I decided that there’s an adventure waiting for me out there and went on a journey to Southeast Asia. I explored the amazing countries I’ve always heard of, but never actually had the chance to see.

Ever since I’ve been going on journeys far away whenever I could with the objective to turn my personal experience into a valuable source of information. Each new place has always been a new opportunity to see the world differently and to experience a variety of the wonderful vibes that the wide world has to offer.

Jadenbree has become a platform with a focus on travels as an expression of my wanderlust and the uncompromising love for a nomadic lifestyle. Jadespark is my partner channel with the focus on personal growth and mindset.

Let's celebrate life, personal growth and the amazing destinations that the world has to offer! I’ll be releasing new content and offers on a regular basis. I source items carefully so that you only get the best stuff possible. I share my thoughts and give personal tips about what I think a good life should be about.

Join me on the magnificent journey of exploration!