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We're working on launching an exciting Jadenbree Brand Ambassador program in near future. Keep an eye on it! You can join our email list to get notified when we're ready:

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In the meantime, here's some answers to frequent questions about becoming a brand ambassador.

How It Works FAQ

What is a Jadenbree Ambassador?

These are amazing people who help Jadenbree show their love for the brand while scoring free products and cash along the way! Ambassadors are outgoing individuals who are active on their social media platforms and understand the brand they promote.

What do you get as a Brand Ambassador?

By becoming an Ambassador you usually get a free gift when signing up, have access to exclusive giveaways and much more. You also get an exclusive referral code that your followers, friends and family can use to shop at a discount. We also plan on giving you up to 17-25% commission on each sale you refer!

What are the requirements?

To be a Jadenbree Brand Ambassador you must be active on Instagram and over the age of 15. You can be an ambassador no matter what country you are in.

How do I get paid for my sales?

To make Ambassador payments as easy as possible we'll pay Ambassador commissions via PayPal. To apply as an Ambassador, you are required to have a Paypal account.